What is KeyShotWeb?

KeyShotWeb combines KeyShotXR (formerly KeyShotVR) and the new Web Configurator, allowing you to create web-ready, interactive content directly from KeyShot. With KeyShotWeb, you can quickly create customised touch-enabled product views that can be displayed in any web browser, tablet or PowerPoint/Keynote.

KeyShotXR Adds:

  • Progressive loading of images
  • Touch-enabled – rotate, zoom, pan
  • Support for render in background, render queue, network rendering
  • Realtime feedback when setting up the XR
  • 6 possible XR types: Turntable, Hemi-spherical, Spherical, Tumble, Custom, Animation (requires Animation add on)

Web Configurator Adds:

  • The ability to bring the real-time KeyShot Configurator into a web browser
  • Pre-rendered images with supporting UI and text to show multiple asset variations
  • Real-time feedback during setup
  • Support for rendering out variations based on model sets, multi-materials studios and cameras

Already Have KeyShotXR?

As KeyShotXR is now part of KeyShotWeb, your license automatically updates and KeyShot Web Configurator is added with your upgrade to KeyShot 9.