New in KeyShot 2023

KeyShot brings you even more ways to create amazing shots, introducing new ways to explore details, expanding how you present your ideas, and bringing balance to the art of creating 3D visuals. KeyShot brings 3D Paint to explore detail with the stroke of a brush, Material Management and CMF Output, Physics Simulation, KeyShot Viewer, and much more. This is in addition to the features already introduced in KeyShot’s previous releases including consolidated light management, advanced keyframe and environment animation capabilities, Smart Export for a wide variety of 3D output options, and a completely redesigned Move Tool for improved accessibility and placement.

KeyShot Features

Collision Detection and Settle
KeyShot includes basic Collision Detection of objects, along with the ability to Settle items on other objects and the ground. Included in the new Move Tool, Collision Detection and Settle is useful for scene setup when objects need a more realistic arrangement on the ground or amongst other objects. Collision Detection may also be used separately as an easy way to align objects while keeping them aware and separate from other objects in the scene.

Smart Export/Import Enhancements
KeyShot introduces the ability to export a KeyShot file into separate USDz and GLB files as part of one export process that performs the Baking and UV unwrapping together, allowing easy creation of files that work for both Apple iOS (USDz) devices and Android/Web (glTF/GLB). Baking and UV Unwrapping can now also be canceled. USD import has also been added to the Import options for KeyShot to allow you to advance the appearance of their model then export it to multiple AR platforms.

Lighting Enhancements
For the Light Manager, KeyShot introduces the ability to select and control multiple lights simultaneously, making proportional adjustments to the entirety of a scene’s lighting or select lighting, fast and efficient. KeyShot 10 also improves Light Gizmo and Light Manager usage by introducing the ability to sync changes and undo changes using Ctrl-Z (Windows)/command-Z (Mac) or via the Edit, Undo menu.

Boost Your Workflow

Move faster through the process, from start to finish.

Enhance Your Experience

Powerful capabilities for advanced texture and image creation.

Elevate Your Visuals

New ways to manipulate light, materials, and texture.

Extend Your Reach

More ways to view and collaborate on your visuals.


Keyframe Animation

Control your motion.

Add and adjust keyframes exactly where you need them, or record sequences of keyframes to create complex visuals with the new keyframe animation tool.

Sun & Sky Day Arc Animation

Sunrise to Sunset.

Adjust date, start, and end time directly, or apply individual keyframes for finer control using the new Sun & Sky Day Arch Animation tool. Animating daylight for your scene has never been easier.

Sun & Sky
Environment Rotation

Environment Rotation Animation

Light movement on your product.

Whether you use one of the many included environments, or one of your own custom HDRI’s, add an environment rotation to control how light moves across your product.

Twist Camera Animation

Add a little drama.

KeyShot adds the ability to animate the twist parameter of your camera for a subtle (or dramatic) effect. You have full control over angle and duration.

Visual Reality

Visual Reality

Experience your creations.

With Smart Export, you have more ways to experience your visuals by utilising KeyShot’s UV Unwrapping and Baking capabilities to prepare work for Web, AR and 3D print.

Light Manager

Warm it up, Cool it down, Let it shine.

Control all your scene lighting from one location. The dockable panel lets you choose and adjust environment lighting and the visibility, colour, power and size of any physical light.

Light Manager

Light Gizmos

Hold the light.

Light Gizmos in KeyShot make lighting exploration and quick adjustments easier than ever. Across real-time view or geometry view, simply select a light to adjust it in a variety of ways.

Light Gizmos
Collision Detection

Collision Detection

Let the parts drop.

Collision Detection allows easy object recognition, along with the ability to Settle items on other objects and the ground. Set up scenes with a more realistic arrangement of objects on the ground.


RealCloth 2.0

Another dimension of fabrics.

As if the original RealCloth wasn’t realistic enough, version 2.0 includes 3D ply for yarn-like geometry and increased fibre level detail.

Improved Caustics

Amazing light rays.

While KeyShot’s caustics have always been beautiful, KeyShot 10 converges them faster for both CPU and GPU.


Multiple Surface Scattering

Bounces of light.

Control multiple bounces of light on rough dialectric surfaces before they get scattered back. Multiple scattering enables energy conservation of light interacting with rough dielectrics, which means it allows you to achieve a more realistic and physically plausible appearance of such materials.

Firefly Filter

Firefly Filter

Smooth those specks.

Denoise now includes a Firefly Filter slider to quickly remove and smooth away specks of unwanted light from your scene.

Improved Toon Material

Tuned toon.

The popular KeyShot Toon material now provides finer control of outline behavior to be more consistent with line art illustration techniques.

Toon Material