KeyShot 7.3 has been released and is now available for download – existing users will receive an update notification in the software at startup. Full release notes below:

Version: 7.3.37
Release Date: 4/5/18

New Features


  • NEW KeyShot Viewer – A free, touch-enabled, desktop application for Mac and Windows that enables KeyShot scenes to be securely shared with anyone for interactive viewing, presentation, and configuration. Download here.
  • “Add Multi-Material” to Queue (KeyShot Pro) – In the Queue tab of the Render dialog there is a new button for Add Multi-Material that will allow you to select a Multi-Material in your scene and have each sub-material rendered out. This function will add a single job to the Render Queue that contains all sub-materials.


  • Added Save for KeyShot Viewer under File menu with option to add password protection and watermarking.



  • SOLIDWORKS 2018 direct import support.
  • Sketchup 2018 direct import support.
  • NX12 direct import support.


  • Model Variations area is hidden in Presentation Mode if there is only one variation.
  • Improved setup time for scenes with Rounded Edges.
  • Render Materials automatically in Configurator Wizard.
  • Added Turntable animations to top-level models in the Scene Tree.
  • Updated Scripting to Python 3.6.4
  • Metadata now outputs via Network Rendering for Still Images.

Noteworthy Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash that occurred after renaming Model Set and opening the Configurator Wizard.
  • Fixed crash when saving package related to texture naming.
  • Fixed Plugin connection issue with “Just for me” installations.
  • Files saved with Ground Shadows disabled will now show Ground Shadows when enabled after saving and reopening.
  • Fixed Ground Shadow visibility error that could occur when toggling between Studios.
  • Fixed double buttons in scripting console.
  • Fixed Environment thumbnail creation when saving to Library.
  • Fixed issue in which Labels would not appear in Clown Pass or Labels Pass when “Apply Bump to Labels” is enabled for that Label.
  • Render Passes and Render Layers are now output correctly for KeyShotXR.
  • Fixed issue where real-time view could be off-center when opened on mac.
  • Fixed quality issue with Clown and Labels pass when black and white image was used to define opacity of a label.

Known Issues

  • When sending jobs from KeyShot 6 to KeyShot 7 Network Rendering or opening KeyShot 6 scenes in KeyShot 7 there may be a difference in environment lighting that would be visible on materials with Roughness applied due to a half pixel shift which has now made KeyShot 7 Environments more accurate in appearance.
  • Ground Shadows become visible when exiting Performance Mode when Ground Shadows are disabled in the Environment tab.
  • Rendering very high resolution images with Render Passes, Bloom, Chromatic Abberation or Vignetting may cause Network Rendering Master to stall if there is insufficient memory.
  • Rendering high resolution images with Bloom, Chromatic Abberation or Vignetting may cause visual artifacts when rendered locally and via Network Rendering.
  • Rounded Edges are lost after Update Geometry.
  • Possible banding with Interior Mode when rendered via Network Rendering. Lower resolution images will have a higher banding visibility.
  • When rendering scenes in KeyShot 6 via KeyShot 7 Network Rendering (from a mac client) the correct environment file may not be sent causing the lighting to appear different in the output.
  • Parts/sub-groups that are locked and in a shown state do not maintain a shown state when toggling visibility of their parent group.